the jouney

Exploring hypocrisies in the weaponised world. Evoking experiences of surprised recognition;
to show us what we know but do not know that we know.


Guns have long had an extraordinary and terrible influence over us.
There are those who glorify them, and those who suffer. McCrow captures this polarising behaviour and brings the subject into the 21st Century, to look beyond their new representation, to acknowledge the dark story
weapons carry, and challenge our sanitised view of weaponry, our reaction to them in front of us and with that,
our own morality.

road to damascus

In 2011, McCrow’s close friend lost both legs and an arm in an explosion whilst serving as a Royal
Marines Commando in Afghanistan. It was one of the catalysts that turned a distinct fascination
with guns and weaponry into questions about individual purpose, morality, hidden stories and the
ability of one person to make a difference.

arms trade

This peaceful day, global military expenditure sits at almost $2 trillion a year; in its wake, The Global Arms Trade.
The 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, Russia, France, United Kingdom and China), together with Germany and Italy account for around 85% of all sales, and business is booming.
…so much so, you can pick up an AK47 for the price of a bag of rice.

last stop

A guns first stop is rarely its last.

Eventually after years of conflict, many small arms end up in unsecured or poorly managed stockpiles. Left unchecked, they continue to be a direct threat to local people, as lawless armed groups continue to steal, smuggle and sell around one million weapons a year.

Destruction of these surplus and illicit stockpiles ends the cycle of that gun’s violence.

It saves lives and stabilises communities.

it’s ours

War is ours; we buy it, sell It, watch it, we play it. Guns are a part of popular culture,’ They are integral to many of our favourite games and films likely to remain so for generations to come. Less we forget; we seed it, we glorify it, we wage it.

McCrow invite’s you to support One Less Gun, which is simply dedicated to reducing the number of surplus and illicit weapons and promoting a social responsibility to that end.