Described as the weapon of mass destruction by Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of the AK47 has been the mainstay of every armed conflict since 1947, and has been instrumental in more deaths than any other weapon on earth.

With tens of trillions of dollars invested in the military-industrial complex since WWII, is it any wonder that the world is littered with the instruments of war? Even long after the fighting has stopped, these guns filter their way down into the larger population, all too often into the hands of criminal organisations, terrorists and poachers.
Hidden in plain sight, there is an AK47 for every 70 people on earth. Now as a reminder of how easily the world can be changed, this AK47 is turning a symbol of conflict into one of hope.
Taken from the hands poachers, it gives its functionality, horror and fascination to the preservation and majesty of nature.
There’s an art to disarmament.
Something to Remember
Hand painted AK47 mounted onto large format face-mounted photograph.
AK47 origin Russia, removed from Africa.
Size 205cm x 120cm; 81in x 47in
Courtesy of the artist and Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery
Elephants Forever will be a live auction of the exhibited artworks. Hosted by Owen Wilson in partnership with Maclaren, it will be held at Sotheby’s on October 27th. Online bidding is available here.


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