Arsenal of Democracy

7,056 spent military rounds,

Size 125cm x 175cm


Captain America, one of the very first weaponized heroes.A failed army recruit, enhanced by the military-industrial complex into a super solider to fight for freedom and liberty a true patriot.


Captain America Comics number 1 issue was inMarch 1941 and his first act was to go and wallop Hitler.A noble debut to be sure, but this is a time when America is neutral in the war in Europe.

9 months later, in December 1941, America declared itself the ‘arsenal of democracy’ and joined WWII against Germany.


The reality of giving Hitler a wallop was sadly not as depicted, contrasted by the realities of war, Captain America’s popularity waned and he was frozen…

The same cannot be said for the military-industrial complex that has continued its growth and influence at an almost incomprehensible pace.