Out of Darkness

Large format, perspex face mounted, digital print of original piece AK47

Size 120cm x 250cm

100 guns destroyed.


AK47 is McCrow’s original artwork; this is a print produced from the original sculpture.The use of the barcode has become integral to McCrow’s work and is a reference to the AK47s mass production and commerciality.

When the Israel Defense Forces invaded Lebanon in 1982 to “crush” the Palestinian Liberation Organisation they captured thousands of AK47s. These guns found their way, via the CIA and the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence Agency, to the Mujahadeen resisting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

…and so it goes on.

It is not only time to begin to question the accepted commerciality of such weapons but also destroy them.

In the production of this piece, 100 AK47s were destroyed.