Total War

Invaders | are we the baddies now?

350cm x 250cm [Visual only, all dots are bullets]


Approx. 120cm x 240cm

The INVADER, made up of military calibre rounds

Space Invaders the first ‘shoot’em up’; this is where it all began in 1978; it started so innocently…

“Are we the baddies?”

Since the early days of colonialism, the discovery Australia and the Americas, we have been exploring and expanding into other countries.

…but these countries had been discovered thousands of years before, by its inhabitants.

By any modern measure, these discoveries were an invasion, an invasion that we have recently learned had tens of millions put to death.

At its height in 1922 the British Empire governed a fifth of the world’s population and a quarter of the world’s total land area. The Empire’s proponents say it brought economic development to parts of the world and benefited the countries it controlled.

A little under a century later (2006), Tony Blair apologised for the empire’s early role in the slave trade, describing the practice as a “crime against humanity”; progress, but slow to be sure. However, allegations of illegal wars and crimes against humanity have our same leaders apologising and defending their actions as recently as this year.

Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, to name a few campaign since 1978; are we to believe we have benefited the inhabitants, brought stability, fought for peace, furthered equality and human rights or have we simply embraced ignorance because the reality is just too troubling to comprehend.

In 500 years, have we really changed?


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